Season 01 Episodes
Episode 01
Political Hipster
Michael Finds out political transparency is black and white… OR is it?
Episode 02
Musical Hipster
Michael gets an unexpected musical guest and discovers that “a little bit of love and a whole lot of soul” means you got to go.
Episode 03
Food Hipster
Michael is in fine form today, serving everything off the regular menu from, Pranic Nourishment Lifestyle, Cranberry Air to Cheese-less Grilled Cheese.
Episode 04
Holistic Hipster
Michael tries to figure out if his “Holistic” customers want their coffee orally or via rectal suspension. They prefer the fish and chips.
Episode 05
Geek Hipster
Are happy endings part of the café’s offerings and should wifi be free? Michael tries to help his new media customers with climactic results.
Episode 06
Movember Hipster
Michael learns that participating in Movember takes some big balls.
Episode 07
Bartender Hipster
Michael is suddenly the new “BABE” when he hires a new “Bartender” and coffee is not on the menu.
Episode 08
Fashion Hipster
Michael’s fashion sense is tested when hipsters become fashion experts, want to create a pop up in his café. Michael struggles with his secret desire to wear “skinny Jeans”.